Sep 15 2009

Barbara Demonstrates NET

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Jun 02 2009

Praise for “From Intuition to Entrepreneurship”

Simple. Clear. Practical. Supportive. Follow these insightful steps which are aligned with how women think and with what women need.
— Dr. Mary Hines, President, Carlow University

Neural Emotional Technique (NET®) helped me become a world champion. How cool to find a book that shows you how to use muscle testing to start your own business!
— Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medallist

Both simple and profound in its wisdom. Read this book and, by all means, do the exercises. Then reread the book and keep it handy. You will be glad you did.
— David Goldman, President of the Pittsburgh Coaches Association 2008/2009

I love this book! I am recommending it to all my clients (women and men) whether they want to start their own business or start a new, more fulfilling career.
— Chris Posti, Outplacement Counselor & Executive Coach

This book is a yummy treat and must-read for coaches. It is chock full of great exercises that will assist clients with manifesting virtually any dream.
— Eli Davidson, M.A., international bestselling author of Funky to Fabulous and The Today Show’s “Reinvention Expert”

When I started LIFE Pittsburgh, all I had was a passion and a commitment to make it happen. If you’ve already found yours… just do it. If not, here are some excellent tools to get you in action to finding your bliss and taking the first step on the journey.
– Joann Gago, Executive Director, LIFE Pittsburgh

The concrete exercises mitigated my fears, allowed me to be in action, and exposed my innate power to realize my dream of being a successful business owner.
– Anne Fleming, President & CEO, LLC

Every time I’ve worked with Barbara, I’ve gained clarity about my situation. Simply being able to accurately define the issue I’m addressing has been a unique gift. From Intuition to Entrepreneurship is like having “Barbara in a box,” enabling would-be entrepreneurs to unleash ideas consistent with their life goals, and focus on making them happen.
– Missie Berteotti, LPGA Professional Golfer

In the banking industry, we see many women coming into their own by making a career change. If you want to make a career change, this book can get you there – a logical and introspective guide for changing your destiny and achieving your dreams using your most valuable asset as a woman… your intuition.
– Marsha A Fuge, Branch Manager, First Commonwealth Bank

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Mar 13 2009

Forward from the Book

Here is the Forward from From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman’s Guide to Following Her Dream.

If you are a woman with entrepreneurial goals and want to take this life walk on the path to success, this may well be your breakthrough book. Unfolding on these pages is a 10-day guide to uncovering an awareness of what you really want and the types of self-imposed roadblocks you have allowed to derail you on your journey.

Barbara and Bill have explored the elusive factors which predetermine outcomes by encouraging their readers to participate in an awareness and change method that will increase possibilities, and lead to far greater chances of genuine satisfaction, along with higher levels of success. I am completely impressed with the flow of the work and the encouragement that is provided. This is a clear path toward making brave changes.

My own work with small business owners, helping them maneuver tough business situations and using traditional financial analysis to guide my recommendations, has taught me to realize that “businesses don’t succeed, people do.” I wish I would have had some of Barbara’s and Bill’s insights years ago, as so many could have benefited.

I write books on business to provide skills to those considering the entrepreneurial life, as well as those who have ventured for years. I now hold that From Intuition to Entrepreneurship is the first stop to make when working on this important dream. This book will change patterns.

Suzanne Caplan
June 2009

Suzanne Caplan is the author of 12 books including “Streetwise Finance and Accounting.”

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