Mar 13 2009

Forward from the Book

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Here is the Forward from From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman’s Guide to Following Her Dream.

If you are a woman with entrepreneurial goals and want to take this life walk on the path to success, this may well be your breakthrough book. Unfolding on these pages is a 10-day guide to uncovering an awareness of what you really want and the types of self-imposed roadblocks you have allowed to derail you on your journey.

Barbara and Bill have explored the elusive factors which predetermine outcomes by encouraging their readers to participate in an awareness and change method that will increase possibilities, and lead to far greater chances of genuine satisfaction, along with higher levels of success. I am completely impressed with the flow of the work and the encouragement that is provided. This is a clear path toward making brave changes.

My own work with small business owners, helping them maneuver tough business situations and using traditional financial analysis to guide my recommendations, has taught me to realize that “businesses don’t succeed, people do.” I wish I would have had some of Barbara’s and Bill’s insights years ago, as so many could have benefited.

I write books on business to provide skills to those considering the entrepreneurial life, as well as those who have ventured for years. I now hold that From Intuition to Entrepreneurship is the first stop to make when working on this important dream. This book will change patterns.

Suzanne Caplan
June 2009

Suzanne Caplan is the author of 12 books including “Streetwise Finance and Accounting.”

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