How to Find New Members

What Do You Want in a Member?
Before you go looking for group members, think about the qualities that will help make your group effective.  For example:

  • People with a high degree of integrity – people whose words match their actions; people who will attend, do the exercises and give or receive support when they say they will.
  • People who are geographically close (if you plan to meet in person)
  • People who are passionate about making something happen for themselves
  • People who listen well, and allow themselves to be contributed to.

How to Find New Members
You may wish to start with your own network.  You can circulate an invitation to have a conversation about joining the group via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You can also ask these people to share this invitation with their network.  You might invite friends and colleagues (and friends and colleagues of friends and colleagues) to attend a meeting to consider forming the group together and discuss ideas on purpose, goals, structure and format for the group.  Download our sample invitation email (or letter) which you can customize for yourself.

Beyond your network, you can circulate flyers. Download our sample flyer which you can customize for yourself.

Find places to post your flyer.  Here are some suggestions:

    • Library
    • Churches
    • Women’s centers
    • Community service centers
    • Health food stores
    • Yoga centers     Community Colleges and Universities
    • Recreation Centers
    • Bulletin boards at grocery stores (esp. hip stores like Whole Foods and Coops)
    • Schools
    • Health Clubs
    • Bookstores

How to Form a Group

Structure, Purpose and Intended Results of Support Groups

How to Find New Members

How to Run a Group